"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person.  You earn reputation by   trying to do hard things well."    

   Jeff Bezos - Founder,

Effective communication uses content and design to solve practical marketing problems.  It serves to introduce the organization, clarify its mission, and explain its range of services.  It can accurately describe and explain complex information such as diagnostic testing and clinical procedures offered in healthcare.  Strategic messaging via content and design also serves to build customer relationships and positions the organization as a trusted resource, ultimately helping to build customer loyalty.


Marketing by Design believes that a strong marriage between content and the visual/design components of the message and the brand are key to creating brand recognition and reputation.

A comprehesive range of design services is offered to help each client develop a unique personality for its brand.


"The twofold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising        superior value and to keep current customers by delivering satisfaction."    

   Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler - Management Consultants and Authors

As healthcare competition continues to grow, organizations are under increasing pressure from consumers, government regulators and insurance carriers to demonstrate and measure quality performance and positive patient outcomes.  We believe there is a direct correlation between the patient experience and his/her ultimate health status.  In addition, research proves the direct relationship between employee satisfaction and patient satisfaction - one drives the other.

Laura Walsh has spent many years developing comprehensive service excellence programs for healthcare organizations.  A formal program provides a mechanism to advance, deliver and measure service excellence performance within an organization.  A multi-part program should begin with providers and staff and serve to define the role of service excellence within the organization's culture.  Getting everyone in the organization "on the same page"  improves morale and performance.  Customer service training can bring people together around a common goal and provides a pratical and fun learning experience.  Rolling this program out to patients demonstrates the organization's commitment to service excellence and creates a positive environment for soliciting formal customer feedback. 

Services Provided Include:

  • Service excellence program design and execution

  • Provider, staff and patient satisfaction surveys (design, implementation, tabulation and results)

  • Service excellence training workshops

  • Program rollout events for providers, staff and/or patients


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