"To succeed is to anticipate the future with strategy."    

   Amand Hammer

A business must clearly understand its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of its competitors, before it can market its benefits to a potential audience.  Marketing strategy builds

on the organization's strengths and effectively articulates those characteristics of the firm that are unique and desirable.  It works to create mutually beneficial relationships through brand awareness to attract new customers and retain existing customers.  This is done by delivering on the brand promise with consistent quality and outstanding customer service.

Laura Walsh assists clients in the development, execution and evaluation of strategic marketing plans and budgets.


"Repetition makes reputation and reputation makes customers."    

  Florence N. Graham, Founder - Elizabeth Arden

Marketing By Design has a proven track record of offering innovative and effective integrated marketing communication strategies for our clients.  It is all about consistent, timely and sincere messaging that reinforces the brand and the organization's mission.  Laura believes successful marketing efforts utilize a combination of communication vehicles, and marketing and public relations strategies that support and reinforce one another.

Messaging Service Include:

  • The development of messaging strategies

  • Content development for advertising, collateral materials, news releases, websites, blogs and other social media outlets

  • Creative concepts and design

  • Production and execution

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