What is Unique about Marketing a Service?

When we market a professional service, it is unlike marketing a product. A service is an intangible that cannot be physically displayed, touched, seen, smelled or stored. Because of the intangible nature of a service, consumers will rely heavily on word-of-mouth referral and the reputation of the service provider when making a buying decision.

A service is also inseparable from the person(s) who deliver the service. A key success factor in delivering a service is to consistently provide a high quality service experience in a manner that inspires trust and confidence in the professional service organization.

A final and unique aspect of professional service delivery is an expectation by the consumer that the professional is adequately trained in a particular area of expertise. This professional skill is difficult for the typical consumer to judge unless he shares the same expertise. The customer's interpretation of the professional's skill will most likely be a reflection of how the service was delivered. This is why communication plays a critical role in service delivery and today's professional service providers are increasingly focused on relationship building and two-way communication.

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