5 Important Components of the Customer Service Experience

Timing - Service delivery is always related to time. Was the service available to the customer when he/she wanted or needed it? Was the time convenient for the customer? Did the service provider demonstrate an appreciation of the customer's time?

Location - Is the service available to customers at a convenient location(s)? Is the location easily accessible? Is it located in a safe area? Is the location suited to the service being delivered? Does the location provide a setting that is clean, attractive and professional? Does the location have enough room to accomodate a reasonable number of clients at one time?

Communication - How will the customer evaluate the service provider's communication and interaction? Was enough time spent understanding and evaluating the customer need? Did the service provider listen, answer questions, and spend enough time with the customer? How was the customer treated by support staff?

Results - Did the service provider deliver a service experience that met or exceeded the customer's expectations? Will the customer be willing to use the service again? Will the customer tell others about his/her service experience?

Price - Was the experience worth the price the customer had to pay for it? This is a straightforward question for services like a plumbing repair or a meal at a restaurant. However, in the healthcare industry, people with insurance often have no idea what the cost of a healthcare service will be and it usually is not discussed at the time the service is rendered. With increasing numbers of uninsured people, and people with high deductible plans, the issue of price is becoming much more important. In fact, we know that many people today are putting off receiving important medical procedures and tests because of the high cost of healthcare.

How is your organization measuring up with these five components of service delivery?

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